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Fatiguefit is the digital solution for workplaces that reduces risk, increases compliance and saves lives.

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The outcome is safer, compliant and more socially responsible organisations

Over 85% of businesses are not meeting their minimum regulatory requirements under WHS/OHS Acts. Getting help traditionally requires expensive specialist Fatigue consultants. Fatiguefit empowers organisations to manage their workplace health & safety, legal and regulatory obligations for fatigue.

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Our solution draws on the expertise of Professor Drew Dawson, one of Australia’s leading experts in fatigue and sleep research.

Fatiguefit combines 30 years of fatigue and sleep research with the expertise of our global digital team creating targeted AI sleep solutions.

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Our assessment will help companies quickly see how they can reduce risks, achieve compliance, improve workplace outcomes and increase productivity.

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Fatiguefit is the platform allowing you to monitor, track and report on your FRM status. Easily, simply, from anywhere. Delivered in a range of cost-effective options




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